Christopher Dotson, Technical Instructional Design
Accurate, certified designs and Technical EDU Excellence by
Consistency and Accuracy: Keys to professional excellence & instilling a learning transformation!
100% exemplary employer feedback
100% on-time deliverables & 100% resolution of trouble tickets
50% publishing increase even while implementing strict design methodology & developer disciplines
Project & ISD team leader, conduct curriculum reviews: "A consensus builder & team player" - "Positive group asset!
Re-purposing high-value content (SCORM, ADDIE, Information Mapping, Task/GAP Analysis)
$1+ Million cost reduction for training, certifications, development, operations (annual savings!)
Avert shutdown and $3+ Million/mo. losses thru rapid analysis, vendor/fault resolution strategies
Expanded e-Learning access to 30,000+ registered partners in 28+ countries
Expanded customer & employee access to Enterprise products, platforms & operating systems
Innovation specialist: Sun Microsystems Quarterly Award for Service Excellence 1994 Nominee
MOBILE/Captivate Template
CBT: ZPPWIP Project Outline
Fortune 500 ISD White Papers (redacted)
Certification: Web Security - Student Guide
*CBT: Storyboard-Prototype (IE-Only)
Web Security Gateway - Lab Specification
Admin Guide (Chapter 3 of 8)
e-Developer & LMS Best Practices
Resume w/links & History (.docx)  (.pdf)
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